President Trump addresses nation on new strategy for Afghanistan

Posted at 11:40 PM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-22 02:43:01-04

President Trump announced some changes on how the United States will be involved in Afghanistan, which he said are much different from his instincts before he became President. 

In his first formal address since February, the President announced his administration's plans on the country's involvement in Afghanistan and Pakistan, saying those countries are "safe harbors" for terrorists.

“I concluded that the security threats we face in Afghanistan and the broader region are immense," Trump said.

The war in Afghanistan has been the country's longest war, but Trump said quickly pulling out troops, like what happened in Iraq, would be a mistake and an invitation for terrorists.

The President's new plan included sending more troops to Afghanistan, but exact numbers and dates about deployment and military activities will no longer be announced. Troops will focus on stopping terrorists instead of building Afghan communities and NATO allies will assist with additional funding and troops.

“I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will," Trump said.

Trump's stance Monday night goes against tweets he sent during the Obama administration, where he was originally in favor of pulling troops out. He said that position changed once he became President.