Property in East Bakersfield raises concerns for families living in the neighborhood

Posted at 7:15 AM, Jul 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-24 10:15:06-04
A property on the corner of West Dr. and Virginia St. in East Bakersfield is causing serious concerns for those who live in the neighborhood because of the activity that goes on inside of it.  
"It's bad, I mean you got needles laying around, you got people in there smoking drugs, passed out in chairs, they don't do nothing" said Arthur Gaan, a father of four who lives within walking distance from the property. 
Once a thriving business, the property is now a vacant lot after a fire destroyed one of the previous structures last year. 
It's turned into a hotspot for homelessness, drugs and everything in between making some neighbors too nervous to take a stroll anywhere near it. 
"I don't even walk in the neighborhood anymore" said one neighbor who preferred to remain unamed. 
Arthur said he's filed a complaint with Kern County Code Compliance about the property, but they just haven't been able to resolve the issue as fast as he'd like.
"We have recieved several complaints from the neighborhood, there are some prominent businesses in that area," said Al Rojas, the division supervisor for Kern County Code Compliance, "this is an urgent matter for us, we're trying to resolve it as quickly as possible but there is a legal process we have to follow."
But for Arthur his main concern is for his children and the toll seeing that kind of activity in the property could have on them.
"I have a thirteen year old kid that walks by there, and they see it, and when the kids start seeing it they start seeing it all the time they wanna start doing it cause they think it's alright" said Arthur. 
Kern County Code Compliance urges the community to report issues similar to this one so they can get it taken care of as soon as possible.