Protesters gather outside hotel where Congressman Kevin McCarthy was set to speak at a GOP dinner

Posted at 9:03 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-22 00:33:10-05

Over 100 protesters gathered in Northwest Bakersfield on Tuesday evening in front of the hotel where Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes spoke at a Kern County GOP dinner.

People lined the streets leading up to the entrance chanting about wanting a town hall with Kevin McCarthy.

“Over the last two years Kevin McCarthy has not held a town hall. Neither has Devin Nunes,” Neel Sannappa with the Youth Progressive Coalition said. “What we wanted was to bring awareness to that, as both of them are attending a fundraiser where it costs $10,000 to sit next to Kevin.”

Residents from as far as Frazier Park came to protest.

Media was not allowed in to the GOP dinner, which was held at 7:30 p.m. at the DoubleTree. Organizers cited safety concerns.

23ABC attempted to get a comment from the event organizers but was turned down.

Protesters said their efforts were peaceful, and that they just wanted event attendees to see their face before going in to the dinner.

“We’re asking simply for a town hall,” Sannappa said.