Residents upset with trash on 99

Posted at 6:57 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 11:57:09-05

Residents are fed up with the piles of trash lining the 99, but Caltrans said they’re tackling the problem.

Beer boxes, cups and shredded tires are among the debris filled road. Residents said the trash makes the community look bad and it needs it to be cleaned up.

"It looks like the city doesn't care when you see a dirty road," Ben Jaynes.

Caltrans said the shoulders and medians are swept monthly and lanes are swept every other week to take care of the trash, but residents say there are other ways the trash can be cleaned up.

“I think that just having a lot more highway patrols on there would definitely have people stop littering,” said Crystal Ochoa.

“The inmates, if they have some kind of release program, or pay the dues, put them out there and make them clean our freeways and keep them nice and clean," said Salvador Castellanos.

The exit sign just south of Olive was burned in a grass fire June of 2014. The trees have started to recover in the area, but the sign is still charred, making it impossible for driver to see how far away they are from the upcoming exit.

"People that aren't from around here, that's a road sign that tells them where they're going and how to get around here and yeah that's needs to be fixed," said Jerry Harvey. 

Caltrans said they planned to fix the sign in 2015, but instead decided to include it in a project aimed at revamping signs on the 58, the 178, and the 99. 

They expect to have it replaced this spring or summer.

Caltrans said if you see something on the roadway that needs attention the best way to contact them is online. You can click this link to let them know what needs to be cleaned up and where it is located.