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Roadrunner men's soccer team fall to UC Davis, 3-1.

Posted at 11:30 PM, Sep 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-03 02:40:14-04


The Roadrunners fell to the Aggies tonight, 3-1. Sophomore Ricardo Soza shooting that lone goal, late in the game. But the lead the Aggies had, proved to be too much.


The ‘Runners came into this game with a 2-1 record, following a 5-4 overtime loss against Sacramento State on Friday. 

The game started off toe to toe, both teams demanding possessions.  But, the Aggies quickly took off with shots on goal.


The Aggies taking four shots in the first half and the Runners, none.


It was finally Aggies’ Adam Mickelson with a goal, assisted by Rudolph Jacob.

Mickelson then collected an assist with eight minutes left in the first half. He shoots, it’s blocked and Aggies’ Marte Formico came in with an easy tap and goal.


The ‘Runners were down 2-0 in the half.


In the second half, the ‘Runners put up a fight. It was until the last eight minutes of the game when they let a goal sneak past them. But, the ‘Runners were able to score one as well.


Head Coach Richie Grant says this game is a chance to get better and train harder.


“For a period of the game, I thought we matched up, but we were chasing the goals. So that made it difficult. I know one thing we addressed in a big way was competing for the second balls,” said Grant. “We were second best tonight. So, it gives us a chance to get better.”


The Roadrunners will hit the road to play against Oregon State and Gonzaga next week. They will be back to face Cal Poly on September 15.