Rosamond Sheriff Substation Closes

Posted at 6:57 PM, Sep 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-01 21:57:06-04

The city of Rosamond no longer has a sheriff's department. 

Due to budget cuts and a high rent price, the sheriff's department has decided to part ways with its Rosamond substation and has moved all of its staff over to the Mojave station. 

Residents say they liked knowing they had a sheriff's department in town. Now it is located 15 minutes north. Sheriff Youngblood says that this will not affect the response times because there will be 24/7 patrols happening. 

He goes on to say they are currently looking for other locations with a more affordable rent price so they can return to Rosamond in the near future. 

Bill Jennings is a resident in Rosamond, and he says that the sheriff's would be making the right decision in returning. 

"I still believe we ought to stick with the station we have down here." 

Jennings has been living in Rosamond for over a decade. He says he hasn't had any trouble before, leading him to call the police. He hopes this remains the same, regardless of sheriff's moving to Mojave. 

Residents who I spoke with in general say they wish the sheriff's return soon. For now, their old building only stands as a memory of what once was.