Sabrina Limon enters 16th day of trial

Posted at 9:29 AM, Oct 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-03 19:01:29-04

WATCH LIVE: Sabrina Limon enters 16th day of trial on Tuesday.


UPDATE (Oct. 3 4:00 p.m.): 3:25 p.m.: Court resumes with prosecution arguments. Prosecution says defense has used sex and Limon’s children as the two main arguments in the case. The prosecution advises to not fall for the sympathy defense is using.
Prosecution: Circumstantial evidence was presented with wiretaps.“There was a Robert Limon replacement plan.” Prosecution asks jury to read what was in the transcript from wiretaps, not to fall for emotion.
“Her real love was Jonathan Hearn.” Prosecution asks jury to listen to how Limon referred to Hearn right after her husband’s death. 
“This is not a case of he said, she said. This is a case of he said, she lied.”
Prosecution tells jury there are so many lies in the wiretaps between Limon and Hearn, says everything she testified to completely contradicts with evidence (wiretaps, transcripts). Prosecution says it’s not reliable to rely on Limon’s testimony. Prosecution: Limon knew Hearn killed her husband and helped plan it. “She needs to be held accountable.
3:49 p.m. Judge Brownlee advises jury how to deliberate to decide on a verdict. Judge says verdict must be reached without any consideration of punishment, and must unanimous.
Jury leaves the courtroom to deliberate and Judge Brownlee says they will be dismissed at 4:30 p.m.
UPDATE (Oct. 3 3:00 p.m.) Defense makes a final plea to the jury before the prosecution gets a chance for rebuttal.
Defense asks the jury to question all of the evidence that was presented in the case.
3 p.m.: Court takes 15 minute recess.


UPDATE (Oct. 3 2:33 p.m.) Defense tells the jury there is no evidence to support that Limon didn’t consider divorce to be an option.

Terry tells the jury that during the wiretaps she talked to Hearn about the investigation because he knew more about investigations than she did. Terry also stated that Limon was easily manipulated or influenced by the men in her life because she wasn’t strong on her own.

Hearn knew he’d be a suspect so he was always telling Limon not to tell detectives about their affair, Terry said. He always wanted control over dialogue between Limon and detectives, he added.

The defense addresses the life insurance money and said that Limon “didn’t even deal” with the matter. Julie did.

Terry told the jury it is unknown if Hearn poisoned a dog or poisoned the pudding. The only evidence for this is his testimony.


UPDATE (Oct. 3 1:57 p.m.) 1:31 p.m.: Terry continues his closing statement.

Terry argues that if Limon were involved, why would Hearn have to look up the recipe to banana pudding instead of just asking her.

He also asks “what kind of mother” would put her children at risk by putting poisoned pudding in their refrigerator.

Defense said that the burner phone was not with the intention to hide the murder, but for Hearn to be able to continue speaking with Limon without Robert finding out.

Terry asks the jury if there was any evidence other than Hearn’s testimony that Limon knew what he was doing. He tells them they were in an affair. Turning that into conspiracy to commit murder is a stretch, Terry said.


UPDATE (Oct. 3 12:03 p.m.) Smith said that Limon “didn’t like her life, she wanted to move on with her new life,” and that she wanted to raise Robert’s kids with Hearn.

“Hold her accountable to those charges,” Prosecutor Smith said as he left the podium.

11:41 a.m.: Richard Terry begins his closing arguments.

Defense begins going over circumstantial evidence, like not disclosing her open marriage with the police. Terry said that there is a double standard when it comes to sex and men and women.

Terry said Limon didn’t want to believe Hearn would commit murder. She believed she loved him, he said.

Terry refers to Smith making a point about Limon’s behavior as a widow not being “normal.” Terry said he doesn’t know that what “normal” is. Brought up the fact that Limon was hanging on to Hearn and their relationship as a way to stay afloat.

Court goes to recess until 1:30 p.m.


UPDATE (Oct. 3 11:07 a.m.): Smith continues his closing statement and presents phone conversations between Sabrina and Jonathan when he drove up to Tehachapi to kill Robert.

He said that although they weren’t together during this, they were in constant communication over the phone and spoke about making it look like a robbery.

Smith said that her last contact with her husband was when she “had the man who killed her husband on the phone.” He also talks to the jury about Sabrina’s “burner phone.”

Smith tells the jury about when Limon told Hearn’s sister that “the best was yet to come” after her husband had just died. He brought up a possible plan to collect insurance money after Robert’s murder. Divorce wouldn’t be a good option, Smith said, because she was a part-time employee at Costco.

Text to Jonathan Hearn 19 days after Robert’s Murder: “I adore you Jonathan Hearn! You sexy guy!”

Smith began arguing that Limon was feeling paranoid and was seeing things that weren’t there referring to wiretaps played in the beginning of trial.

Smith played snippets of wiretaps and said that Limon “did not want the murder of her husband solved.”


UPDATE (Oct. 3 10:46 a.m.):Smith presents facts pertaining to the poison and that Limon and Hearn were allegedly planning to get married.

Court recess for 15 minutes. Will be back at 11 a.m.


UPDATE (Oct. 3 10:28 a.m.) 10:05 a.m. closing arguments begin. Smith said to the jury that Limon is at times a perpetrator and at other times an aider and abettor.

He breaks down what each means and said he believes aiding, facilitating, promoting, encouraging or instigating are all factors of this case.

The prosecutor told the jury what is needed for Limon to be found guilty or not guilty on all of the counts.

Smith presents the jury with evidence which include phone records and nature of gunshot wounds.