Getting your sandbags for El Nio

Posted at 6:10 AM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 10:12:10-05

It's not too late to prepare for El Niño. The Kern County Fire Department has a list of locations of where you can fill bags of sand. The locations are below. 

1.   KC Fire Dept Site (5642 Victor Street)
2.   Edison Hwy (south side of road, ¾ miles east of Hwy 184)
1.   David Head Center - San Diego Street
Lake Isabella Area 
1.   Wofford Heights Park (E. Evans Rd)
2.   Hanning Flat (along Sierra Way) 
3.   Lake Isabella “Tank” Park  (on Lake Isabella Blvd near Elizabeth Norris Rd)
4.   Squirrel Mtn Valley - along McCray Rd at Dogwood Ave
1.   On Cal Bodfish Road 
1.   Rodeo Grounds (on Scodie Ave)
Frazier Park / Lake of the Woods / Pine Mtn Club 
1.   Lebec Road just west of the Interstate 5 (Lebec off ramp) 
2.   Frazier Mountain County Park 
3.   Kern County Fire Station (West End Drive at Mt Pinos Way)
4.   Lake of the Woods - Cuddy Hall
5.   Pine Mountain Club - Kern County Fire Station 
1.   10th Street at Front Street (vacant lot)
1.   Corner of “E” Street and “D” Street
1.   Kern County Sheriff’s Department (1379 Sierra Hwy )
Glennville Area 
Linn’s Valley Poso Flat School (White River Rd at Hwy 155)