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Second 2 None rocks the Fox Theater to Survivor's iconic 80's hit 'Eye of the Tiger'

Posted at 7:05 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-26 22:05:19-04

The Wasco student rock band 'Second 2 None' was first recognized after teacher Eddie Crane posted a video of the band jamming out to Nirvana on Facebook. The video now has close to 17 million views on social media and landed the band in 23ABC's studio last month.

"We had an unexpected bout of success, that we weren't expecting so were trying to ride the wave just seeing what might happen, create memories," said now band manager Eddie Crane.  

Second 2 None's viral success captured the eye of local video producer Brandon Rose who contacted Crane after watching the video. He offered to direct and produce a music video for the band free of charge.

Monday, the band took the stage at the Fox Theater and recorded Survivor's iconic 80's hit 'Eye of the Tiger.' Production began around nine o'clock as family and friends watched the performance.

"It's fantastic just to see that progression from 3rd grade to now, we would of never thought in our wildest dreams that it would turn out to be this was just like an icing on the cake just they worked so hard 3rd grade to 6th grade it's amazing," said band mother Emily Mancilla. 

Second 2 None's first album is set to release April 1st and will be available on iTunes, Amazon and Google play. Rose says the band's video should be completed in the next two weeks.