Security experts warn "Pokemon Go" may have access to your full Google account

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 14:34:01-04

Millions of people have downloaded the "Pokemon Go" app and at the same time, accidentally gave the company who owns it full access to their Google accounts. 

"Having your basic profile information out there isn't such a risk, but having full access to your account is a huge risk," said Roger Triantafilo a Bakersfield database administrator who focuses on database security. 

As hundreds continue to flood the parks around Bakersfield searching for Pokemon, security experts are warning players to pay attention to their settings. 

Experts discovered Monday that many gave permission to the "Pokemon Go" app to access their entire Google account such as email, calendars, Google docs and anything else that users store with their Google credentials. 

"That creates a big security concern for individuals who don't necessarily need that information out there," said Triantafilo. 

Some "Pokemon Go" players today, said they weren't worried about it. While others shared their concerns. 

"I don't want them having my information, not that I have anything to hide," said Cody Sparks. 

The app released a new update today for iPhone users which is supposed to fix the problem, but to double check you can log on to your Google account. 

1. Click on "my account."

2. Click on "sign in and security."

3. Click on "Connected apps and sites."

4. Click on "Manage apps"

If the information said "Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account" experts suggest you click the "remove" button to revoke that access. However, if you've downloaded the new update, it should say "Pokemon Go has access to basic account information."

Triantafilo also suggests everyone download an app that uses a second password or key to access your sensitive information. He suggested the application "Google authenticator" which requires the password and an authentication number that changes every few minutes.