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Shoppers come out to support small business Saturday

Posted at 11:44 PM, Nov 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-01 02:44:06-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif — Now that Black Friday has passed small businesses in our area are participating in Shop Small Business Saturday. The event was created to get shoppers to support smaller businesses in their community.

Small Business Saturday occurs each Saturday after Black Friday.

Shop Small Business Saturday began back in 2010, thanks to American Express. According to the company, each year more small businesses are benefiting.

The Marketplace right here in Bakersfield joined in, where over a dozen shops participated.

Shoppers like Georgiana Armstrong, say this year she is keeping her dollars in the community this holiday season.

"I am only shopping small businesses this Christmas I am not doing any amazon or any online," Armstrong said. "I think it's important to support local businesses."

Armstrong says that shoppers should spend their money in a way that supports the community they live in.

"This is important for our community to support local businesses it helps make our community thrive," said Armstrong. "It gives people jobs, a tax base and it’s who we are."

Shoppers were greeted with red tags discounts in almost every store in The Marketplace.

Blue signs were also seen with #shopsmall in windows of locally owned businesses.

"It's very important to businesses like ours because we would not exist without local support," said Heather Abbott, owner of Bella at The Marketplace. "It's nice to have a recognized holiday almost supporting small businesses."

The Marketplace offered a Small Shop Business Saturday table, where they held raffles, prizes, and a balloon wall.

Shoppers like Kevin and Michelle Bovberg, say they hope the event continues to grow with more people choosing to shop locally.

"I have been really concerned about the downtown areas closing up all over the country, so every chance I get I try not to buy on amazon and try to go in the stores," said Kevin Bovberg.

According to American Express, every dollar that shoppers spend at small businesses, 67 cents stays in the community.

"I want my dollars to stay local to support small businesses," Armstrong said. "People who are entrepreneurs who put everything on the line to create a business here in our community, deserve our support."