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Some local residents opt to not celebrate Super Bowl 54, heres why

Posted at 12:16 AM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 22:09:41-05

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. — The 54th Super Bowl has ended with the the Kansas City Chiefs reigning as the new champions.

This is the Chief's first Super Bowl win since 1970, beating the San Francisco 49ers with 31-to-20.

Millions across the county celebrated the day with Super Bowl parties and good ole traditional football fun.

Some fans tuned in for commercials and others o see J.LO and Shakira hit the stage.
Around Bakersfield on Sunday 23ABC spoke with residents who were not participating fully or at all.

Below is a Q&A with residents 23ABC spoke with.

23ABC: Emily Hudson, do you care that the Super Bowl is happening today?

"Not really honestly I don’t give a crap about it," Hudson said. "It's whatever some people like it, but I am not into it."

23ABC: Michelle Elliott, what do you have to say to individuals who say it's an American and patriotic pastime that you aren’t participating in?

"I thought baseball was an Americana," Elliott said.

Bakersfield native, Gerald Crossman says that he decided to spend part of the day at the movie theater with his buddies, and planned to catch the second half of the game. He adds that his team did not make it to Super Bowl 54, but is betting on the red and gold.

"If I had to root for somebody it would have to be our local 49ers because they are near LA," Crossman said. "The chiefs, that’s too far away you know it like in the middle of the country. Where is that anyway?"

Jeffrey Winchurch, 49er fan tells 23ABC that he plans on watching the Super Bowl in a new way this year.

"The only quarter that matters is the fourth quarter and the last minute of the game," said Winchurch. "Why waste all that time when I could spend it with family and there are rewind and replay. It will be advertised tomorrow."

As many continue to talk about the Super Bowl on social media Hudson says the millions of viewers who tuned in wasted their time.

"You’re crazy for watching a team that could possibly lose for four hours," Hudson said.

To all the fans that did tune into the Super Bowl be sure to head to our Facebook page and vote on who killed it during the halftime performance. Shakira or J.LO?

a previous version stated the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 1979 and now has been updated to 1970.