Residents react to newest minimum wage increase

Posted at 11:57 PM, Mar 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 02:57:57-04

Some are championing over the new wage developments, while others aren't so welcome to the potential change.

And while the agreement made yesterday is only tentative, many residents like Brad Schaub and Brandon Chavez believe that California could now see an even bigger spike when it comes to cost of living.

“Anytime you have an imposed increase or a mandatory wage increase, there's costs to society involved in it,” said Schaub.

“If it goes up to 15 dollars an hour everything else will start going up. Price of living, food,” said Chavez.

As a worker on salary and commission Chavez says he has already seen the impact from our most recent wage increase.

“Like at Cruz Thru for the lava cruz, last year it was 12 dollars before minimum wage went up to 10 dollars. Now it's 13 just for that same car wash,” Chavez.

And now with the agreement to raise minimum wage to $15 some like Bill Moynier and Larry Lakin believe we are just giving people an excuse to stay in these lower paying jobs longer.

Jobs that pay minimum wage aren't career jobs. They 're not supposed to be. They're supposed to be for gathering incentive and organizational skill to become something else,” said Moynier.

“This is what these are, beginning jobs. Not to make your career out of it. So I think the minimum wage if it goes up is going to hurt a lot of people,” said Lakin.

But not everybody disagrees with the decision, Hugo Henderson believes it could be a way to help stimulate our local economy.

“If people are making more, they have more money they can spend. They'll be able to buy more, purchase more things. Get things on credit and pay them of,” said Henderson.

But Henderson also believes that these jobs are just useful stepping stones for success.

“Usually the ones that are making that minimum wage are the young people and if they're able to make a good wage, you know make some good money. Get a place to stay, go to school, continue their education. I think it'll help,” said Henderson.

Everyone agrees that it doesn't matter if you're for or against it, the increase is coming and inflation may be right behind.

“In the end it all just kind of raises inflation, but I don't know if it really helps the bottom end workers as much as they make it sound like it will,” said Schaub.

While some believe this increase will help those living on minimum wage, others say it could just lead to higher unemployment.