Star Wars fans wait for premiere, theaters prep

Posted at 7:17 PM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 22:17:15-05

Local theaters had lines of fans waiting most of the day to see the premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens. 

At Maya Cinemas in central Bakersfield, the 501st Legion, San Joaquin Division stood outside, in full costume, taking pictures with fans. 

"People come up to me and they want to take a picture, I've lost count of how many people have come up to me," said Jiro Garcia, who was dressed as Luke Skywalker.

Fans were dressed in their favorite Star Wars attire, some equipped with masks and light sabers. 

"This is all just prep, I’m just nerding out," said Ethan Banuelous who was in line outside of Edwards Cinemas.

But with the added excitement and large amount of fans, movie theaters imposed more rules. At Edward Cinemas signs were posted on every ticket window. No masks, face paint of light sabers allowed. Across town at Maya Cinemas the same restrictions applied. The rules disappointed some fans. 

“I’m a little bit bummed out, the last premiere from the last saga I got to take light sabers in and wear something,” Vincent Alvarez said. 

However, other fans in line today said the added restrictions gave them peace of mind. 

"I'd rather go and not worry about anything, just watch the movie and enjoy it," said Danny Carbajal.

"That makes me feel a little bit safer," said Kayla Cheesman-Miles, who was in line at Maya Cinemas.

Overall many of the fans saying they're fine with ditching the props at the door, as long as they get to see the movie.

"It’s fine, I mean I’m here for the movie," said Vincent Alvarez. "I’m not here to dress up or, I’m here to watch this movie and that’s what it’s all about."