Students & staff remember Frontier High athlete

Posted at 2:46 PM, Mar 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 13:52:19-05

Students and staff are remembering Jacob Briones, a junior at Frontier High School. Briones was the wide receiver for the football team and ran track at FHS. 

"He was a wonderful young man, a very outgoing young man who was well liked by his peers and by staff members too," said FHS's principal, Dan Shannon.

Briones took his own life Friday night and Shannon said when they found out about it they immediately organized to have grief counselors available on Saturday.

Shannon said they reached out to Briones' friends and family to let them know about the available help and offer their condolences.

"Right now we're really focused on the family, the well being of our students and the well being of this community too," said Shannon.  

Shannon said this morning the students and staff organized a meeting to remember Briones and between 300-400 students and staff attended.

"This morning we had a big meeting about it and people talked about it, had a good prayer about it," said Kyle Ohanneson, a freshman at FHS and friend of Briones.

Ohanneson had his parent pick him up from school early today because he said it was hard being back.

"He was a really funny guy, he always put smiles on everyone's face, he always had a smile on his face. He was just easy to get along with," said Ohanneson. "Out of all of the people I've met, he's one of the greatest people I've known."

Shannon said they have extra grief counselors on hand Monday for any students or staff who need them as well as mental clinicians, psychologists and pamphlets on how to deal with loss and death. 

The principal said a vigil will be held Tuesday at 7:00pm in the football stadium to remember Briones.