Students, parents, and faculty return to school to find a new four-way stop

Posted at 7:07 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-03 22:07:04-04

If you drive by the corner of Sunset Blvd. and State Highway 184, you might see something different. 

A new four-way stop sign has been made right by Sunset Elementary School and the community around the area could not be more excited. 

We caught up with parents and faculty today who say that they have been pushing for this for over two years. Just last week, they received approval that it would be installed before the first day of school. 

Matthew Ross is the superintendent for the school and says that it was not easy to achieve this and that the community really had to come together. 

"After two and a half years of this fight, we finally get a four way stop at this corner, which is going to create number one a sense of safety among our residents out here, but its going to create actual safety by making everybody come to a stop." 

Parents who I spoke with say that they are hoping this will end the fatal accidents that have happened on this road. They also feel safer about having their kids walk to school, knowing that there are more stop signs around 

Principal of the school, Chuck Monaco, says that he wishes nothing but the best for his students academically, and health-wise. 

"I take all of our students as I would my own children if they were to be here and coming to school. I want the same for these children as I do my own." 

The next time you're approaching this intersection, remember that there will be four stop signs waiting for your arrival.