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Suicide prevention tips that can help save a life

Suicide prevention tips that can help save a life
Posted at 5:49 PM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 20:49:37-05

The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention has a list of tips that can help save a life.

These tips include bringing your friend having suicidal thoughts to a trusted adult who will take the matter seriously and to keep a lookout on warning signs.

The organization's list goes as follows:

1. Take it seriously, even if your friend brushes it off because continual thoughts of suicide is not typical.
2. An angry friend is better than a dead friend.
3. Ask, listen, tell, if the threat is immediate stay with the person.
4. Bring friend to a trusted adult. If they don’t know what to do or don’t take it seriously find another adult.
5. Be a good listener but remember that having suicidal thoughts reflects a bigger underlying problem such as depression, substance problems, abuse, or problem-solving difficulties. You can listen, but they need to speak to a professional.
6. Thirty percent (30%) of those who attempt suicide tell someone before, but many don’t tell anyone after.

  • When some talks to you, that is the moment for intervention
  • With each suicide attempt, risk of suicide increases.

7. Warning Signs

  • Change in mood: sadness, anxiety, irritability
  • Change in behavior: isolation
  • Change in sleep
  • Change in appetite
  • Increase in aggression or impulsiveness
  • Agitation
  • Feeling hopeless or worthless
  • Saying things like “No one will miss me” or “You’ll be better off” (feeling like a burden)
  • Feeling ashamed or humiliated, or desperation, as after a break-up or test
  • Collecting means
  • Talking about wanting to kill themselves
  • Drop in grades
  • Risk-taking
  • Giving away prized possessions