Tehachapi rally organized in response to Virginia violence

Posted at 11:15 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 02:15:49-04

Taking a stand against violence and racism is what residents in Tehachapi did while coming together to hold a rally for victims in Charlottesville.

The event originally was scheduled for immediately after the violence in Charlottesville, but was postponed after finding threats online.

Stacy Poetz who was a demonstrator at the rally just wanted to send her message to the community days ago.

"We just wanted our voices heard and we wanted to stand with other people in the country and show people," said Poetz. 

The rally she was scheduled to be apart of days ago was called off as threats streamed in online, hinting at similar violence much like the car that ran into the protestors in Virginia.

"There where threats of running us over," said Poetz. 

At the advice of Tehachapi police, they were able to hold off the rally until tonight.

"You know we don't want to make a war or fight with anyone but we aren't going to go hide you know in the closet for any reason," said Poetz. "I feel like the voices or the shouting the anger drowns out people who are wanting to be peaceful."

The community of Tehachapi came together in effort to no let what happened in Charlottesville happen in their backyard.

"What happens when something happens to one of us here... and we didn't say anything when we had the change," said Poetz. "We stand you know in unity with our community. We don't want to see anyone hurt... equality for all Americans."

The rally ended up being peaceful and are happy their voices were heard.