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Tehachapi woman, Wendy Howard, speaks out amid pending murder trial

Posted at 11:22 PM, Sep 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-17 12:45:09-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The Tehachapi woman, Wendy Howard, who has been charged with the fatal shooting of her ex-boyfriend, Kelly Rees Pitts, back in June is speaking out.

"I am so glad to be with my family and so glad to be home and I didn’t know when this was going to be or if this was going to be," Howard said.

On Monday, Howard and her family were in court for her arraignment hearing.

This was her first time back in court since she was released on bail last week, which was reduced from $1 million to $500,000.

Since then she has spent over three months behind bars fighting her case.

"The judge said he sees evidence for a justified self-defense case so that’s why he lowered her bail and why we are able to have her with us," said Nicole Koch, daughter-in-law to Wendy Howard.

Howard says the judge has granted them a three-week extension to the start of the trial to allow Howard to find representation, if not they will use a public defender.

"I don’t have a lawyer right now, because my family had to get the money to get the bail handled," Howard said. "We didn’t have the money to retain the attorney Tony.

Howard adds that her time going through the trial has changed her and she has received some unexpected support in and out of her cell.

"My support from everyone from where I was at especially, those girls mean everything to me and I will never forget them," Howard said. "They were a huge support system for when I was in there and I don’t know if I would be standing here as strong as I am without them."

When asked if Howard would change anything in the past this is what she had to say.

"Not to trust someone who already showed who they were and not giving them a chance," said Howard.

Howard is scheduled to head back in court on October 7th and her family says they will continue to rally and support her.