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The Beach Boys perform on the first day of the Kern County Fair

Posted at 1:15 AM, Sep 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-20 13:34:55-04

The day turned into night quickly as people started to come out to the first day of the Kern County Fair.

Vendors said their nights at the fair are non-stop and Norma Saqlain says after 7 years she always feels welcome.

“I always feel very welcomed here – the kern county fair is a wonderful fair. People are very warm and very nice and it’s always a big joy to come to the fair,” said Saqlain.

Bakersfield local Dianna Hart says the Kern County Fair has been a tradition year after year.\

“You know my favorite thing about the fair is that it doesn’t change – it’s like the only thing in my entire life that is the same as I was a kid,” said Hart.

Her husband, Jim Hart, says it’s the concert line up that drew him to day one of the fair.

“We come to the fair every year and we picked tonight because we wanted to go to the concert, the beach boys and John Stamos. I listened to them the whole time growing up,” said Hart.

Cary Atkinson also went out to enjoy the fair and was one of the many who attended the concert.

“We usually don’t come on the first night but the beach boys are here so we made an exception and said we have to go and we have to see the beach boys and have a good time,” said Atkinson.

The crowd cheered, sang, and smiled alongside their friends and family as they enjoyed the concert.

The fair will continue until Sunday, September 30.