The Mission at Kern County breaks ground, new home for women and children

Posted at 8:34 AM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 11:34:50-04

Addiction doesn't only cause devastating trauma to the person directly experiencing it, but also to the entire family. 

The Mission at Kern County is helping alleviate some of that pain by providing programs and services to families who need. 

The Mission at Kern County will be "breaking ground" at their new women and children's recovery home here in Bakersfield. 

The executive director of The Mission at Kern County said it was important these kind of centers and programs are important because "Most recovery programs separate the mothers from their children, which is extremely difficult and damaging to the family relationship. This facility will allow mothers to stay with their children... this is vital not only to their families directly, but to our community," he said.