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There have been reports of dogs being dumped in trash bags over East Bakersfield, some dead or alive

Posted at 6:25 PM, Nov 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 21:25:19-05

There have been reports of dogs found all over East Bakersfield in plastic bags, many of them are diseased and dead. However, one dog was found alive yesterday morning in a bag in Pioneer Park and is fighting for her live.


Goldie was found tied in a plastic bag, thankfully she was found and is now being treated for Parvo, something one rescuer says most of the dumped dogs have in common. "You could find probably a plastic bag on the side of the road and you don't know if it's a dog or not, that's how common it is,” said Barbara Flores a dog rescuer for multiple organizations. She says she found this three-month old puppy in Pioneer Park suffering from Parvo.


Flores knew she only had hours to act and get this dog help. "I don't know how someone could actually put a puppy inside of a bag and not feel any remorse,” said Flores.


Goldie is tiny and only a few month old. "I was expecting more of a larger dog or even an older dog,” said Flores. Flores says finding diseased dumped dogs is something she sees every day in East Bakersfield, especially because Parvo is contagious and can spread to other dogs easily. And caring for a dog who is sick is not cheap, causing people to abandon them, looking for an easy way out. "The easiest thing to do is dump them and hopefully someone finds them and it's someone else's problem,” said Flores.


When she finds them she says she gives them to a rescue group to be adopted. Thankfully in Goldie’s case someone who knew how to help found her in time, something most of these dogs don’t get the chance to have. Even during this interview anther dog was found dead in a trash bag blocks away from where Goldie was found. Now Goldie is getting a plasma transfusion because the Parvo spread to her bones. "She is just a doll, she just needed affection so she could open up,” said Flores.


Goldie has responded well to the transfusion and is sitting up, something she hadn’t been able to do up until this point. Another rescuer at the interview today compiled a list of the most common dumping sites which you can find below.


Common Dumping Grounds:

Saunder’s Park

Breckinridge and Comanche

Hoskings of the 99 (three dead dumped dogs confirmed with Parvo found Hoskings and South H)

Tyner Ranch neighboring fields

Foothills High School neighboring fields

Cottonwood (at Brundage and Buena Vista)

Union and Pacheco

Fairview and Sunset

Union and White Lane

*Hart Park is known as dumping grounds for cats*