Jobs are found on the spot at the biggest jobfest in Kern County!

Posted at 5:49 PM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 20:49:05-04
The biggest job fest in Kern county arrived at Rabobank today where some people left with a new job right on the spot, 23ABC’s Adam Bowles was at Rabobank today to share how they did it.
Today meant business, literally.  Thousands came to Rabobank Arena today to meet 155 employers looking for workers.  Adam Bowles met two ladies today looking for an offer for a reason we can all relate to.
"To have extra income," Jeridazah says., "Why wouldn’t we want extra income and more experience of course but its mainly money motivated."
Jeridazah says they also got something you wouldn’t get from an online application.
"Certain employers are good because they’ll get back to you within three of four days like they said they would  instead of waiting a whole month and then saying they are already filled with the position so I think that’s pretty cool."
What is really cool is that some of the job seekers got hired right at the booth.  You could see  yourself with a new job on the spot.  That’s what happened to Roxanne Deason when she applied at the job fest last year. She is now working at the same place where she got hired.
"So it’s a bit surreal," Roxanne says. "You know last year I was here for the job fest 2016 and standing in line in the hot sun for about an hour because I didn’t know about coming a little early.  Obviously, I found my passion. I now work with Telehealth Docs."
She says meeting recruiters face to face can help you stand out.
"So I spoke with them and I found out later that they put my resume aside because they liked me."
A call, Deason says, that could land you a job that could turn into a career.
"Cause my dad said if you find what you like to do you'll never work a day in your life."
Even though todays event ended, there are so many more jobfests to come soon and we will keep you updated on these online at