Threat at Taft High School not believed to be 'credible'

Posted at 9:10 AM, Dec 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-23 12:10:32-05

According to the Taft Midway Driller, Taft police are investigating a Taft Union High School student after they threatened to shoot other students.

However, there has been no credible evidence of threats being made toward students or staff at Taft Union High School.

Lieutenant Pete Aranda shared that officers received reports on Wednesday, December 21 of the alleged threats and began an investigation. He also shared that there have been multiple secondhand reports of a threat, but police have no firsthand information.

TUHS Principal Mary Alice Finn said in a message to parents that the student, being identified only as a male TUHS student, is being monitored.