Three Lamont suspects in custody for attempted homicide after firing shots into crowd of people

Suspects in custody after shooting into crowd
Posted at 1:16 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 16:16:07-04

On April 10, 2016, deputies found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest and a second victim with stab wound to the back after a large fight on the corner of Hall Road and Main Street. Both victims were brought to Kern Medical Center to be undergo for their non-life threatening injuries.


In the follow-up investigation by the Sheriff's Gang Unit, the group discovered one of the suspects shot not only at the victim during the fight, but also into a crowd including women and children.


The unit identified Luis Medina, 22, Javier Torres, 18, and a 17-year-old male juvenile as the primary suspects in this investigation and issued arrest warrants on June 21. Medina was in custody on a separate, unrelated incident and Torres was arrested at his home.


After attempting to stop a vehicle occupied by the juvenile suspect on July 12, the driver of the vehicle did not yield and the deputies engaged in a vehicle pursuit. The car chase continued through the streets of Lamont until all vehicle occupants abandoned the car and attempted to flee on foot.



With help from the Sheriff's Gang Investigations Unit and deputies from the Lamont Substation, three suspects were located and arrested, including the target of the investigation.


The driver and a second passenger in the vehicle were both male juveniles and were arrested on charges of evading without due regard and resisting a peace officer in the performance of his duties.


Deputies returned to the home the juvenile suspect had been seen leaving and executed a search warrant. In the home deputies located a shotgun and several rounds of ammunition.


All three suspects of the investigation were booked on charges of attempted homicide, assault with a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, conspiracy and participation in a criminal street gang.