TMZ: Bakersfield Blaze wants Tim Tebow to play baseball in Kern County

Posted at 10:51 AM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 21:45:52-04

UPDATE, 11:15AM: Bakersfield Blaze General Manager Mike Candela responded to 23ABC about the TMZ story:

TMZ called earlier and said they wanted to see if Tebow could try out for the Blaze. Something we get alot from people. I simply explained to him, he couldn't try out for us rather he must contact the actual MLB teams to do so. We are just a filter where Seattle controls who comes and goes. I preceded to tell him I'd allow him to take BP and shag some fly balls and to talk to our coaches/players. That's pretty easy. But if this miraculously happens, I'm 200% in for this.


Will Bakersfield see Tim Tebow on a local baseball diamond sometime soon? If the Blaze organization had its way, maybe so.

TMZ reportsthat the Blaze are interested in having Tebow out for a visit; the team posted the story on its Facebook page.

This news comes after the former NFL quarterback announced that he wants to play pro baseball.

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The Blaze isn't the only organization interested in Tebow. The Cleveland Indians recently posted a pic of him in one of their uniforms.

Only time will tell if we'll be Tebowing soon at a baseball game in Bakersfield... 

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