Travelers delighted to see snow flurries on I-5

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jan 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-01 02:41:27-05

Sunday's forecast called for a strong storm and many travelers on the Grapevine expected lots of rain.

The rain turned into late afternoon snow flurries around Lebec and travelers flooded a rest stop just north of Gorman to have snowball fights and take selfies. 

"I stopped to play in the snow," said Rosemary Budman, who was driving from Fresno to San Diego. 

"It's so beautiful. I was hoping it was raining all the way from Fresno and I was crossing my fingers that it would be snowing on the Grapevine and sure enough, it's snowing here."

As the snow flurries died down in the early evening, the wind picked up. 

Strong gusts of wind forced some drivers to change plans.

"It was pretty windy," said Danny Cachin, who was traveling to Frazier Park from Oxnard but had to stop in Lebec because of the wind.

"You could even see the little breeze of snow on the way up. So that's why we decided to turn around and ended up here, sliding down the hill."

Even though Cachin and his family didn't make it all the way to Frazier Park, it didn't stop them from having fun.

"I love the snow," said Cachin. 

"It's only my second time so I feel like a little kid again when I come out here."