More than 100 animals seized from Mojave home

Posted at 12:59 AM, Feb 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-23 03:59:23-05

More than 100 cats and a handful of other animals were seized from a Mojave residence two weeks ago, and there's still no estimate as to when they'll be put up for adoption.

The Mojave property is known as the Oasis Feral Cat Sanctuary, founded by a man named Roger Mortimer. He says that the sanctuary acts as a place to help socialize feral cats.

The animals were taken from the sanctuary due to unsanitary living conditions, and Mortimer is now facing a felony animal cruelty charge.

Two weeks later, there's no timetable for when the animals can be adopted or sent to a rescue.

"It's dependent on what the owner does or doesn't do," says Nick Cullen, director of Kern County Animal Services where the seized animals are currently located.

"In theory, we could end up having them for an undetermined amount of time or they could be released to the custody of animal services as of tomorrow."

Many of the animals are dealing with ailments supposedly sustained from their time at the sanctuary.

"Each animal is dealing with various illnesses and ailments," Cullen said.

"They're being medically examined every day. The ones that overcome their illnesses, injuries...yes, they'll be put up for rescue or adoption."

23 ABC was only able to speak with Mortimer off-camera, as he is not able to speak on the matter until after his case. However, he did say that he will be fighting this because he felt that things were misreported.