UFW informs workers of undocumented rights in wake of ICE raids

One by one members of the UFW foundation approached people in Lamont passing out red cards that have the Fourth and Fifth Amendment on them in Spanish. The two amendments give workers constitutional protection from unlawful searches and the right to remain silent.

On the other side of the card there are three statements that the UFW says the workers can say to the ICE agent. The UFW also told the workers they don't have to open the door unless the agent has a search warrant.

The UFW foundation decided to pass out these cards to workers after recent deportation raids in California. They are against President Obama’s deportation orders and want the workers to know what their rights are should an ice agent show up at their door.

At least 400 cards were passed out on Tuesday, until they ran out. 

On Sunday, January 24th the UFW will be at different locations passing out more cards. Two of the locations include the Mercado Latino and the swamp meet.

For information on how to get a card or if you have any questions about your rights call 1-877-881-8281.

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