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Unofficial Election Results: Propositions

Posted: 4:57 AM, Nov 07, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-07 07:57:06-05
Unofficial Election Results: Propositions

(November 7, 2018 4:45 a.m.) With 93% of the votes reported, here are the unofficial election results for California propositions:

Proposition 1: Passed

By passing this proposition, the state is allowed to sell $4 billion in bonds to fund veterans and affordable housing.

Proposition 2: Passed

By passing this proposition, the state can sell up to $2 billion in bonds to pay for housing for those with mental illness who are homeless. The state could also use existing county mental health funds.

Proposition 3: Failed

By this proposition failing, the state cannot sell $8.9 billion in bonds to fund water and environmental projects.

Proposition 4: Passed

By passing this proposition, the state can sell $1.5 billion in general obligation bonds for the construction, expansion, renovation and equipping of certain hospitals that treat children.

Proposition 5: Failed

By this proposition failing, only certain homeowners who are over 55 (or who meet other qualifications) will continue to be eligible for property tax savings when they move to a different home.

Proposition 6: Failed

By this proposition failing, the fuel and vehicle taxes passed will continue to be in effect and pay for highway and road maintenance repairs as well as transit programs.

Proposition 7: Passed

By this proposition passing, with a two-thirds vote, the legislature could change daylight savings time if the change is allowed by the federal government. Absent any legislative change, California would maintain its current daylight savings time period.

Proposition 8: Failed

By this proposition failing, kidney dialysis clinics will not have their revenues limited by a formula and will not be required to pay rebates.

Proposition 10: Failed

With this proposition failing, state law will continue to limit the kinds of rent control laws cities and counties could have.

Proposition 11: Passed

With this proposition passing, private ambulance companies can continue their current practice of having EMT's and paramedics stay on-call during meal and rest breaks.

Proposition 12: Passed

With this proposition passing, it creates specific rules about the size of cages and crates for pregnant pigs, egg-laying hens and veal cows.