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Valley Baptist Church hosts "Widows Luncheon" for women who lost their husbands

Posted at 6:35 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 21:35:01-05

Friday was the largest Widow's Luncheon for Valley Baptist Church. About 100 widows gathered to have lunch, fellowship, and get in the Christmas spirit. This luncheon is so important for Valley Baptist because it offers women a chance to not be alone around the Holidays during a time that can be difficult for those who lost their husbands.

"You can see the friendship," Queta Blake says. "The friendship grows every year. They care for each other, they love each other, they go out to eat, to the movies, and travel together."

Lela Eaton is 95 years old and lost her husband Lonzo of 70 years. He died 5 years ago. Lela believes this luncheon is a blessing for those who may be lonely around Christmas.

"This church is amazing. I can see the faith and the love around me. I keep my husband's postcard in my bible. But, being with my friends and these ladies make the holidays enjoyable and I know my husband is proud of the support and love that is around me.

Valley Baptist Church offers any widows who may be feeling a bit lonely around this time to come out and join their services. They even have classes devoted to widows for support.