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Veteran passing through Bakersfield has all belongings stolen from rental trailer

Posted at 11:32 PM, Mar 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 02:32:44-04

Larry Savidge and his girlfriend had been on the road for five days, and traveled a total of more than 2000 miles, only a few hours away from nearing the end of their trip. 

“I was six hours away from getting to Sacramento from this stuff happening,” said Savidge. 

They never imagined that everything packed inside of their rental moving truck and car would be gone when they woke up Wednesday morning. 

“My whole life is in there,” said Savidge. 

The journey, which began in Charleston, South Carolina, which was pleasant for the veteran and his girlfriend up until the point they realized they were left simply with the clothes on their backs. 

However, for Savidge, it's not about the material things, rather the special memorabilia.

“My two bronze star medals are in there from Iraq,” he said, "my grandfather's World War II medals were in that truck.”

The torn veteran now taking the time to reflect and look ahead. 

“Yea, start over, and you know I could deal with that I can get through that, I’ve been through worse that’s for sure, but just some of those things you can’t replace, that’s what hurts the most,” he said. 

Making a plea to whoever stole from him.

“Take the TV’s, take the electronics, take the furniture, but just leave all of my military stuff, my children’s photo albums, things that I cannot replace, please," said Savidge. 

Anyone with information on the stolen items is encouraged to give KCSO a call at 661-861-3110.