Veterans getting hired in Kern County

Posted at 6:19 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 21:19:44-04

"First you thank a veteran. Then you hire one." That's the goal of the new Kern Patriot Partnership (KPP) that officially launched today to help veterans find jobs in our community. 

KPP was created through a partnership with the Kern County Veterans Services Department and Chevron in an effort to get local employers to hire our veterans. 

Local veteran Michael Williams admits that the transition from active duty back into civilian life can be difficult and scary. 

After serving in the Marines, Williams went back to school and through the Veterans Service Department received an internship and then was hired to help launch KPP. 

KPP provides an online portal for veterans to match up with local employers. It will help veterans with services like preparing a resume, interview skills and following up with thank you notes. 

"Across America, employers are discovering the value of hiring veterans who possess the training, leadership skills, and the strong work ethic they require," said Dick Taylor, director of Kern County's Veterans Service Department.  

Although KPP does not guarantee employment, the employers participating in the partnership will look at veterans first when looking to fill their vacant positions.

Veterans and employers interested in joining the partnership can visit, email or call the Kern County Veteran Services Department at 661-868-7300.