Man's truck totaled, protecting your car

Posted at 11:35 AM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 21:19:38-04

Carl Brewer is still living with the nightmare of what he calls a "bad brake job" at a local automotive shop.

On May 12, Brewer said he took his Toyota Four Runner to the Jiffy Lube on Oak Street. A technician performed the brake replacement, then took the car for a test drive.

That's when things went south.

Brewer said the lug nuts on the tires were not properly fastened, causing them to fall off and the driver to loose control.

The father of three said his car crashed into two street signs, smashing the windshield and denting his SUV. Brewer said the manager was extremely apologetic, but corporate has not reached out to him yet.

Now he is working with his insurance to get a new vehicle.

Brewer created a Facebook post, calling out for help, and has more than 2,000 shares and 60 comments. Many of the comments confirm other people in Bakersfield have had similar problems with automotive companies.

Consumers who have concerns with a local business have several resources to turn to. 

You can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with the California Attorney General's Office.

The Jiffy Lube on Oak Street has a C+ rating on the BBB website. There is one reported complaint that the company did not respond to.

The BBB said they can get refunds for improperly completed services, but cannot help with damage costs.

The California Attorney General's Office can help with both. The office has the power to represent the interest of the public and fight a civil case against a company.

Representatives urge people who feel they have been wronged to submit a complaint, saying many do not know the Bureau of Automotive Repair exists and can help.

They can not release any information on how many complaints they've received for a company, as they are confidential.

Jiffy Lube said they are working with Brewer and issued the following statement:

As a local family-owned company, we pride ourselves in our guest experience and partnership with the community. We certainly understand the seriousness of this event and are working diligently and directly with the guest to resolve the matter.

We are thankful no one was injured and we are committed to ensuring that our processes and procedures regarding quality and training are reinforced so that such an incident does not happen again. 

Please know that this is our top priority to correct this and earn your trust once again. 

Brewer said the manager was very kind and apologetic, and it was the manager's first day in that position.

Out of all of this Brewer said he just wants a vehicle he can use to get to work and transport his family. The Four Runner was set to be his son's car once he was old enough to drive.