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Voters decide on keeping daylight saving time with Proposition 7

Posted at 8:16 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 23:18:23-04

As Election Day approaches, there are a number of propositions and measures that could greatly effect the lives of those in Kern County, one of which being Proposition 7.

Proposition 7 would give the California State Legislatures permission to end Daylight Saving Time and encourage law makers to adopt a year round Daylight Saving Time. That would require however, a two thirds vote of the legislator, the governors signature, approval by Congress and the President.

Voting yes on Proposition 7 would give legislators the opportunity to adopt a year round time frame, and voting no would leave things as they are, with Californians continuing to spring forward and fall back each year.

According to Benjamin Ha, a Kaiser Permanente Family Physician, your body's natural rhythm of waking up is not the only thing that could be effected by the Proposition. 

"There are a few small studies that show that your risk of a heart attack and stroke may increase especially in the spring time when we move forward, but typically less so in the fall," Ha said.

Ha also said that he believes that sometimes, adjusting to Daylight Saving Time can be difficult to patients because if people don't get enough sunlight their natural rhythms get thrown off and occasionally can lead to negative health effects.

Those who are for the proposition also say that the change could reduce energy costs and increase work production, but those in opposition believe that having a different time zone than other western states could create confusion.

Voters will get to make the choice on Tuesday, November 6!

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