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Ward 1 resident speaks out on possible burial of Charles Manson in Bakersfield

Posted at 1:19 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 16:19:29-05

Kern Minority Contractors Association member and Ward 1 resident, Marvin Dean released a statement speaking out on the possible burial of Charles Manson in the City of Bakersfield. 

Below is the statement released by Dean:

It has been brought to my attention that the city of Bakersfield, intends to bury, murderous cult leader, Charles Manson, at Union Cemetery, if his body is not claimed, by next of kin, in the next few days. The very thought of Manson’s evil spirit lurking among the angelic souls of our ancestors, buried at Union Cemetery, is disgusting and incomprehensible!

Many residents, in Ward 1, are outraged and dismayed over this prospect because Union Cemetery is where generations of our loved ones are buried, and many of us are preparing to join our parents there, when we make our transition. In fact, less than a month ago, my own 91-year old mother was laid to rest next to my father at Union Cemetery. So, without a doubt, Union Cemetery holds a special place in our hearts.

Union Cemetery is a landmark and is centrally located in Ward 1 where many poor and people of color live. Annually, thousands of people visit the graves of their love ones where most minorities are buried. Manson was a known race-hater and wanted to start an all out race war in America. We don’t need a restless ghost, with a swastika embedded in his forehead, walking around the graveyard in our neighborhood! The “Helter Skeltor,” serial killer needs to be returned to his native state of Ohio, or back to his prison home of the past 53 years. What irony it would be for a neo-Nazi to be buried in a predominately minority neighborhood! It’s disrespectful!

Moreover, to allow Manson to be buried in our, “All American City,” goes contrary to our reputation of being tough on crime! It also undermines our small town, good, family values. The infamous Manson is known worldwide as a demonic spirit. He has no connection to Kern County, and is not deserving of a spot, next to our loving relatives and friends! Our city should want no further connection to this unrepentant monster other than his fateful demise, as a prisoner, in a local hospital.

It is our hope that you, Madame Mayor and city officials, will move swiftly on this matter before any official move is mandated and we are saddled with Manson’s remains.

The statement was addressed to both the mayor and the Bakersfield City Council.