Wasco man arrested for stealing a farm truck and farming tools

Posted at 4:25 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 19:25:47-04

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office Rural Crime Unit arrested a man for stealing a farm truck, a computer, and farm tools on Monday.

Detectives responded to the 2700 block of Flower Street  in Wasco where they located 29-year-old Isaac Garza inside of his residence. 

Garza was wanted for two previous felonies.

During a probation search at Garza's residence, Rural Crime detectives located the stolen computer and tools.  Rural Crime detectives also located several articles of hunting gear along with several rounds of ammunition.  Detectives also located a dismantled stolen Acura car inside of Garza’s garage.   

Garza was arrested and booked at the Central Receiving Facility for violation of PC 496d(a), possession of a stolen vehicle, and PC 496(a), possession of stolen property.

Rural Crime detectives later learned a hunting club, located in the west Delano area, was burglarized in the early morning hours of 6/28/2016.  Detectives developed probable cause to believe the hunting gear and ammunition found inside of GARZA’s residence was stolen from the hunting club.  GARZA was booked for an additional charge of PC 460(b), burglary.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Rural Crime Investigation Unit at (661)392-4325. 

-Courtesy The Kern County Sheriff's Office