Wasco man becomes U.S. citizen at 100-years-old

Posted at 6:40 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 22:46:44-04

Ignacio Villegas Arellano, a Wasco resident, officially became a United States citizen yesterday.

"I'm happy that I can call this my home now," Arellano said.

He is surrounded by a lot of love, with 5 generations living in the Villegas household.

"I'm glad we're in a single place," added Arellano.

A native of Florencia, Zazatecas, Mexico, Arellano started traveling back and forth between Mexico and California when he was 45-years-old. Once more of his family members started making the U.S. home, he decided it was time to make America his permanent home too. 

As of turning 100-years-old and becoming a naturalized citizen isn't enough, the family has even more good news to celebrate.

His wife, Maria de Guadalpe Correa de Villegas will also become a U.S. citizen next week at a slightly younger age of 94. 

The couple will be married for 75 years in February 2017.

As far as Arellano's secret to longevity, he admits he doesn't take any medications. Instead, he relies on his go-to remedy, a shot of tequila.

"Buy a jug to forget the years," he joked.