Water boil order in effect for Los Padres Estates residents in Lebec

Posted at 10:46 AM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 21:23:14-04

A water boil order is in effect for some residents of Lebec.

The Krista Mutual Water Company said that their customers in the Los Padres Estates area need to boil their water before using it due to E. coli being found in the water supply on June 26.

There are more than 180 customers effected by the order. 

Lebec County Water District officials clarified that not all Lebec residents are impacted. 

Officials says that people should boil their water at least one minute before cooking, brushing their teeth or bathing.

However, this is the second time in a year that E. Coli has been found and a boil water order has been put in place. 

For resident Jim Stoughton and his wife, it's a concern because they both have extremely weak immune systems due to illnesses they have. 

The notice was given to the Stoughton's on Tuesday night, but according to the notice, the E.Coli was found on Monday, which upset Stoughton. 

"I've been watering my garden with E.Coli tainted water, I’ve been washing my clothes, doing my dishes, shaving, showering. And there was no way to remove that off because I had no knowledge of such to begin with," said Stoughton. 

However, Sandi McElhenney, President of the Board for Krista Mutual Water Company -- who wanted to make clear that she's not a licensed water distribution operator -- said the water sample was taken on June 26, tested at the lab on June 27 and they were given the results on June 28. 

“The state issued a boil notice, which were hand delivered to our customers the evening of June 28th," said McElhenney.

McElhenney said the company also sent out an automated phone call and posted about it on Facebook. She said they're doing everything they can to get it fixed as soon as possible, but because she's not a licensed water distribution operator, she has no idea why. 

She said she's working with the experts to figure out the source of the problem and within the next month will be taking apart their water system to inspect it and make sure there's no way for E.Coli to enter the water. 

The water was Tuesday and had to be retested by law on Wednesday, but officials are hopeful they will have the water back to normal by Friday.

McElhenney said if any residents have concerns about the water they're welcome to call their office or attend the monthly board meetings and they'd be happy to work out any issues.