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Website calls Nuestro Mexico Restaurant "best taco in California"

Posted at 10:17 AM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 13:18:07-04

Website "Thrillist" ranks Nuestro Mexico Restaurant in downtown Bakersfield as the best taco in California.

The list's authors names their favorites taco in every state. 

California's author said they know there could be better places in California, but the meat-filled tacos from Nuestro Mexico make it the best.

"OK, OK, OK. We see you, hole-in-the-wall taco joints in LA, and fish taco specialists in San Diego. We see the Korean bulgogi pork belly foie gras truffle tacos in SF, and the family-run hyper-authentic restaurants in hotspots like Modesto and Turlock. You’re all great. Tupac could come back from the dead and write "California Love 2," and it would be completely about tacos. You wanna

try and pick the best Cali taco without getting a Tapatio-/stress-induced ulcer? Go for it. You’re lucky we didn’t just say screw it and go with Del Taco. So... JUST LET BAKERSFIELD HAVE THIS.

If there is one redeeming feature to the oil derrick-filled paradise that is Bakersfield, it’s Nuestro Mexico. I’ve spent half my life in California, traveled the entire state, and can’t say I’ve ever had a better taco than the smoky, grilled, meat stuffed ones here. This bright, colorful, family-run spot packs about three street-tacos worth of steak into a single carne asada taco, but it’s not just the quantity of meat that makes it so great. It’s marinated in a blend of Mexican spices that pairs perfectly with the fresh grilled flavor. You will never leave Nuestro hungry, and should you happen to find yourself in the Country Music Capital of the West Coast you’ll be blown away by how well they do tacos. Better, dare I

say, than anyone in the taco-est state in the country. -- MM"