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Where to buy cotton candy grapes

Posted: 2:50 PM, Aug 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-09 01:06:01Z
Where to buy cotton candy grapes

The magical mystery of cotton candy grapes is back!

The cotton candy grape harvest begins at the end of July and continues for about a month. This will be the sixth year of harvesting the unique grapes. CEO Jim Beagle said he can't give away the exact secret for how they are made, but admitted it has to do with mixing different grape species, watering the plants a certain way, picking them at the perfect time and keeping them cool. 

After the cotton candy grape season ends, uniquely shaped "moon drops" and tasty "gum drops" are available through the fall. 

If you are living in California, here's a list of the stores from the Grapery website that carry the grapes:

If you live outside of Calfornia, follow this link to the Grapery's website for a list of stores near you.