Young woman facing DUI and manslaughter charges to appear in court Friday for bail hearing

Posted at 9:24 AM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 12:25:33-04

A young woman accused of killing her sister in a car accident is set to appear in court on Friday for a bail hearing.

Obdulia Sanchez pleaded not guilty to DUI and manslaughter charges on Wednesday.

Authorities say Sanchez was driving last Friday while under the influence with her sister and another teen when she rolled her car into a barbed wire fence and landed in a field.

The crash killed her sister and Sanchez live streamed the incident on Instagram before, during and after. The video was shared thousands of times.

Her public defender will ask that her bail be reduced or removed so she can get out of jail. He feels that Sanchez is being "judged" based on the video.

"They've never walked a single step in her shoes. They don't know how she's been a foster child. They don't know that she's been the victim of human sex trafficking," he said.

If convicted, Sanchez could spend up to 13 years in prison.