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Youtube Stars hold weekend long summit in Kernville

Posted: 8:40 AM, Nov 11, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-11 16:40:10Z

YouTube star Louis Cole traveled all over the world showcasing his travels to millions of his subscribers and followers. He finished his adventure right here in Kern County. 23ABC’s Adam Bowles went to Kernville today and has more on this star's life changing adventure.

This weekend at the Kern Valley Airport, there is a summit happening and it has one motto….."Live the adventure."

"Lets see if we can see them now," Raya Encheva says.

Raya Encheva is a star of the internet with hundreds of thousands of followers but today she has spent the day walking around on her phone not posting pictures or videos but tracking her boyfriend of 2 and a half years who has been traveling the world for about 80 days!

"Yea I think this is definitely the longest we have been apart over these three months so it will be amazing to be back together," Raya says.

Her boyfriend, Louis Cole from the UK has one of the biggest travel YouTube channels called 'Fun for Louis' on YouTube with over a million subscribers. He has been on a trip for about 3 months traveling to twenty two countries all over the world which is something he always wanted to do while meeting fans and spreading his message about treating life as an adventure.

Today here in Kernville he is coming back for the "Live The Adventure" summit at the Kern Valley Airport. He is being greeted by hundreds of upcoming vloggers, YouTube, and Instagram stars spending the weekend camping out and learning how to become more successful and gain more followers on the internet.  For Jax Austin, hes a YouTuber who living this experience…in style.

"We have a rooftop lawn as well. We call it….'Mi lawn'.  Haha sounds fancier," Jax says.

Pretty soon Louis touches down after almost 80 days in this plane and for Louis and Raya….its an emotional reunion.

“I've missed you so much. I never missed you so much in my life," Louis says.

For Louis and J.P. his travel buddy, ending their life changing trip in Kerrville was the perfect spot.

                                                                                                                                                            "For us this just seemed like the ideal place to gather people, to dream together, to spend time together in such a beautiful place like this," Louis says.

Now comes the weekend for Louis, Raya and all the other internet stars, of “Living The Adventure”

"It's also my slogan of “Live The Adventure” so its this community we are trying to gather around this attitude of living adventurously whether your traveling around the world or doing other things, its something I really want to promote and we want to promote," Louis says.