Made in Kern County: Bakersfield Country Club

Posted at 9:09 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 00:09:31-04

There is something special about the game of golf, especially in Kern County when the weather is perfect. 

We went to the Bakersfield County Club, a place where there is so much history with golf and families. 

We met with Eric Kunh the club manager at BCC who says traded a career in hospitality, to join the world of golf. “When you come here you learn about the families, the generations and the traditions that make this Bakersfield Country Club.” 

It was with family in mind during the 1940’s that the founders established the Bakersfield Country Club, beginning a history of golf tradition on the northeast side of town. 

“This is the main entrance of the club,” Kunh says as he walks us in the grand entrance of the club—rebuilt in the 1990’s with that many say is a better view of the southern San Joaquin valley. 

The mountains and rolling hills visible from many of the holes on the course. The beautify of NE Bakersfield a big factor as to why architect William Bell decided to not only beginning designing the Bakersfield County Club, but adding nine more holes in the 1950’s. 

“He was really intrigued and excited about the rolling hills part of this area, ” Kunh said. 

Those views a big reason why the country cub is not only a golf destination in Kern County, but also a place where weddings and special events are held. “I remember telling my wife I would wait the functions of the evening to start, and I would just sit on the patio which is up there and just look out over the city scape, which is incredible,” Kunh said as we walked up to the top floor of the clubhouse. 

“It kind of gives you that gallery look up here so we’re really proud of that, it came out nice,” Kunh said. Describing the patio where many people watch players finishing their game on the 18th hole below. 

And just last year the Bakersfield Country Club adding a new element to the club experience focusing on family, fitness and fun. Building a 6-million dollar facility with a Olympic size pool, workout center, day spa and championship level tennis courts. 

But what BCC is best known for of course is the golf. “What makes this course so special?” I asked Kunh as we took a golf cart around the course. “I think a lot of it is where it’s at—there’s a lot of rolling hills up here there’s not a lot of level lies.” 

The golf course also changing in recent years due to the state’s ongoing drought. In the last 3 years, the grounds crew at the club has transformed many fairways to include drought tolerant plants and scrubs. Kung says they have taken that a step further, adding citrus and fruit trees—using some of the produce for dishes prepared in their restaurant. 

Eric ending our tour where so many great days of golf begin at BCC near the 1st hole.  “This is a special place for a lot of families, a lot of them have grown up from the time that they were really small to the point where now they have children growing up here….you see that, and you live that everyday here.” 

A tradition of golf and family, and it all started right here in Kern County.