MIKC: Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame

Posted at 4:44 PM, Jan 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-15 00:45:18-05

Billy Mize, Buck Owens and Red Simpson, names that are synonymous with the Bakersfield sound. 

But where do you go to learn about the history of those musicians? 

Kim McAbee and her husband, home builder Kyle Carter opened the Bakersfield Musuem Hall of Fame just a few weeks ago.

McAbee said, "We’re hoping the museum is a continuation because the Crystal Palace has the Bakersfield sound, and all the traditional singers that have been there, but we would like to encompass all the local artists, and all the different genres so they."

The couple bought the space at 2230 Q Street, which was previously the American Sound Recording Studio.

Her husband, Kyle Carter, designed the building; transforming much of the studio, into a multiple purpose event venue. 

McAbee said, "We seat 250 people with the bottom level, which is also Studio A. The seats, the rails, they can all go to storage and we can set up round tables, long tables for conferences; what ever the occasion is."

But most of all, Kim is hoping to fill these walls with great music — helping to showcase local talent.

…”the shows that have been here so far, have been acoustic. We’ve had one small band who did amazing with their sound. We’d like to get it where the local artists are doing auditioning, so we can start rotating them to open for the shows that are coming in here…we have production companies that are already doing their shows.” 

McAbee used the Crystal Palace, where most nights you can catch her there, as a place that helped launch her career in performing.

And with the passing of singer, song writer Red Simpson just last week—Kim says it’s an endeavor that now takes on new meaning. 


“I remember hearing the terms you need to pay your dues, you need to learn the history. Because it is, it’s very very important. I didn’t know who anybody was when I started singi, and I had to learn.” 

And in addition to that, - the Bakersfield Music Hall Of Fame will be home to a radio station: KERI 1410 AM, a marketing company and Extraordinaire Models and Talent Company.

Kim says it’s her hope to create a space that houses all aspects of the music industry. 

From putting music on the air, to marketing it online—and of course, enjoying the live experience.