A look inside Kern County's coolest business

Posted at 5:33 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 20:33:49-04

The weather may be cooling down, so you'll have to imagine it's a 100+ degree day in Kern County. Perhaps you're at a park with your family, or at a friends house for a barbecue, and you hear that unforgettable sound (insert bell ringing here) that can mean one thing: La Rosa fruit bars are near by. 

Since 1980, the Diaz family has been making frozen fruit bars from inside their east Bakersfield factory. For the better part of a decade Norma Diaz has been operating the business her parents started. She invited us for a tour of the facility that on a busy day, can produce up to 8-thousand bars.

I asked her why she thinks the bars have become so popular. "Well I think a lot of our customers as children remember the bells, and now as adults they really love it,' Diaz said. The bells have become the fixture of the La Rosa business, dozens of carts have been equipped with them, pushed by employees the Buenobuneo brothers. 

Rodrigo Buenobuneo is 80-years old, and has been pushing a La Rosa cart for years. Norma tells us, Rodgio has been known to walk miles in the heat during the summer, delivering the fruit bars to waiting children. 

Diaz says it's the dedication of employees and customers that has kept the business thriving for years. You can find the fruit bars in local grocery stores, including big box discount chain Costco. Although Diaz admits she wished more local establishments would carry her product. 

But you'll most likely be able to get your hands on a La Rosa fruit bar the old fashioned chasing down a friendly salesman with $1.50 in hand. 

For more information about La Rosa fruit bars, visit their website 

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