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Search for missing Cal City boys continues on Christmas

Posted at 9:40 PM, Dec 25, 2020

CALIFORNIA CITY, CA (KERO) — It is now day five in the search for the missing California City boys, Orrin and Orson West.

The boys were reported missing on Monday evening as the community came together on Christmas to search for the toddlers with no luck.

"It's heartbreaking, it really is," said Roosevelt Walker, a California City resident. "It breaks my heart because I have kids, and someone without their kids, their emotions would be raging right now. My emotions are raging, and they are not even mine," said Walker.

As of Friday, there were no updates as to what has happened to the three and four-year-old. That's why the community is still searching.

"We are still willing to get out there and find these little boys," said Laura Romero, another Cal City resident.

Over the past two days, neighbors have dropped off balloons, candles, and gifts at the adoptive parents' home in hopes of a Christmas miracle.

"I'm praying. I'm praying honestly like every day that that's not the case of what is going on. I am hoping that they are still alive and well," said Walker.

The adoptive parents of the two boys have not gone on camera with 23ABC since Wednesday, which leads to more questions than answers.

"I am just really hurt, I have been out here for two days, three days, and I just want answers," said Romero.

California City Police have not confirmed if any arrests have been made or if this a criminal case. No matter what, the community is not giving up on the search.

"These are two little missing boys, and we need to get them back safely," said Romero.

If you have any information regarding these missing boys, California City Police are asking that you contact them at 760-373-8606