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Milwaukee graffiti artist creates Dolores Huerta mural

Posted at 12:27 PM, Sep 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-15 15:27:50-04

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (KERO) — A graffiti artist in Milwaukee is following in her fathers footsteps.

She's painting her city with art and inspiring others in the process.

Eight years ago Nyia Luna, a graffiti artist born and raised on the south side of Milwaukee, lost her father to suicide.

"So that was really hard for me, it still is."

Her father, Tomas rosas, grew up throughout the streets of the south side spray painting walls.

Nyia never dreamed she could be a legal street artist paid for her work.

There was a stereotype that came with graffiti and she was discouraged by her dad initially.... Sot 14:17:45

"He always told me like you're never gonna make a career out of it, it's not gonna work. But and I think he did that because that's what he was told."

But finally, she got her shot and recently, Nyia and another artist was selected to paint a mural on the very wall her father once painted located on Cesar Chavez Drive in Milwaukee.

Now to have it here in her old neighborhood is full circle.

"There's art here that I helped paint. It's surreal and the mural is intended to inspire women on the south side."

The main figure depicted? Dolores Huerta.

Dolores is the woman who coined the phrase si se puede which translates to yes we can...

A trailblazer who worked alongside Cesar Chavez with the United Farm Workers, fighting for Hispanic immigrant workers within agriculture.

The mural, painted in bright vivid colors, reads "honor the hands that harvest your crop."

"We just really need to really give thought of who's preparing our food and what they have to go through."

Currently, at the age of 91, Dolores Huerta is still fighting for hispanic immigrant agriculture workers all over the country which is what inspired them to paint her.

"With this mural, we wanna teach people teach her community while living out her father's dream. I want to take on what he couldn't."