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Pennsylvania firefighter loses three children in daycare fire

Posted at 4:21 PM, Aug 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-12 19:22:22-04

EERIE, Penn. — A Pennsylvania community is heartbroken after five children were killed in a fire at their daycare. Three of those victims were the children of a volunteer firefighter in Lawrence Park Township.

"It's just hard to even put it into words," said Chief Joe Crotty of the Lawrence Park Volunteer Fire Department.

Lawrence Park Fire Department is among the many jumping into action to help the families who lost their children in Erie's most devastating fire in recent memory.

"Our firefighter Luther Jones three of his children perished in that fire," said Crotty. "Unthinkable. Like I said it's really beyond comprehension."

Jones was responding to another call in the city and had no idea his children were trapped in a burning home just blocks away.

Now they're doing what they can to help Jones with funeral costs. They're setting up a bank account in Erie where people can donate to. And all the funds will go directly to Jones and his family.

"We as a fire department we're asking other fire department fire service organizations to kind of let us take the lead on that," said Crotty. "We'll be in contact with Northwest Savings Bank. In all likelihood the East Lake Road office."

Eight people were in the home when the fire erupted. A woman is in the hospital. And two teen boys jumped off the roof to escape. The five children who died were between 8 months and seven years old.