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Travel tips to consider during pandemic

Important things to know about travelers insurance
Posted at 11:03 AM, Aug 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-25 14:03:56-04

(KERO) — Many Americans are starting to reconsider fall travel plans because of the delta variant.

These days have been busier than ever for travel agent Tony Guay.

He's doing his best to keep up with demand and a few other things.

"You gotta watch the news. You gotta watch the weather. You gotta watch each destination because it changes."

A hurricane in the Pacific.

Tropical depressions in the Atlantic.

And those storms are far from the only uncertainty, that Guay is up against right now.

"Every single day there is something different, something new. You can't keep up with everything in this world."

Longwood Travel is still trying to reschedule trips from 2020.

Most of whom are travelers who purchased trip insurance.

Because of the current surge in COVID cases, Guay can't in good faith let people book new travel accommodations without some kind of coverage right now.

"A lot of people don't realize they need it until they need it," said Michael Giusti, an analyst for

He has seen a substantial increase in the number of Americans buying trip insurance this year.

Some important things to remember about what travelers insurance does not cover.

You can't cancel a trip out of fear and get a refund.

Travelers Insurance also doesn't cover government lockdowns.

But one of the biggest reasons to consider travelers insurance right now especially with the delta variant surge.

If you get COVID abroad and the country you're in doesn't have facilities to treat you, most policies will pay for your medical evacuation back home.

"If you're spending $8,000, don't you want to protect it. You know, anything can happen *

That brings us back to Guay and why your family may want to consider using a travel agent during the pandemic.

Travel agents have exclusive access to lists letting them know which resorts might be offering free COVID testing for travelers.

And he's constantly getting updates on a country's health policies in real-time.

"People use to book a trip. Go to the airport, arrive, party. Now you have all the pre-stuff you have to do. You have to get a test, you have to wear a mask on the plane."

Just another part of navigating life and travel during this pandemic.